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As rental specialist for Amsterdam and surroundings we monitor the supply of rental homes on adaily basis. By starting a focused search on the basis of your wishes we work to find the right MATCH for you. When searching for your home we always look at the entire supply of rental homes in the region, not only the ones that are offered by us, thereby ensuring the broadest possible reach.

Your ideal rental home can thus be found in our own offering but also through one of our colleagues. Either way Dinant Rentals & Investments will guide you through the entire process from initial search until the end of the lease. We will remain your point of contact throughout the entire process. Even after the end of the rental period we will gladly help you in your next steps. We will only charge for our services after successful mediation.

Our approach:

  • Summarize your wishes
  • Your tenant profile
  • Monitor rental market
  • Propose rental homes
  • Advice on the best MATCH
  • Organize Viewings
  • Introduction to the landlord
  • Tenancy confirmation
  • Mediation between tenant/landlord
  • Background check
  • Rental agreement NL/ENG
  • Sign contract
  • Determine transfer date
  • Collection of first month’s rent/deposit
  • Organize check-in
  • Key Transfer
  • Report on transfer of property
  • Quality check
  • Point of Contact
  • Support during the process
  • Contract renewal (free)
  • Organize the check-out
  • Report on condition of property on check-out
  • Assist with next steps
  • We work on the basis of no cure no pay

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