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Dinant Rentals & Investments takes on a completely different approach from its competitors. We are very familiar with the traditional ways of rental and sales brokerage, but realize that the housing market has changed and this demands a fresh approach. A broker that patiently sits behind his desk waiting for desperate tenants to accost him is no more.

Dinant Rentals & Investments focuses on young professionals and ‘baby boomers’ who want to let their property in Amsterdam and surroundings. Finding the right tenant isn’t easy. That’s why Dinant Rentals & Investments puts a lot of energy and enthusiasm into this on behalf of the landlord. Our approach is pro-active and we put in just that tad bit more effort than most brokers. We are committed to finding reliable and suitable tenants who suit the wishes of the landlord/letting agent. Dinant Rentals & Investments unburdens the landlord.

We provide service beyond mediation. Tenant profiles, background checks and flexible contact hours are part of the deal. We are available in the evenings and weekends because in the rapid housing market you surely cannot miss an opportunity. Dinant Rentals & Investments is the driven broker that will always put in the extra effort.